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About Us

My name is Julie and I have worked as a Veterinary Technician for the past 22 years. I love my job and adore animals. Many years ago, I began my venture into the dog world by breeding and showing Chihuahuas. I had a blast showing and even finished an AKC Champion. After a period of time, I decided to focus on my true love of breeds...the French Bulldog. In 2007, we got our first French Bulldog and it was love at first sight. They are little clowns and constantly make you laugh at their antics. They are wonderful family dogs and adapt to many different environments.

We always strive to produce French Bulldogs as close to the breed standard as possible. We do not breed for quantity. We breed specifically for quality puppies that will mature into beautiful healthy adults. We ONLY breed health tested dogs. 

We are NOT a kennel. Dogs have full run of the house and are members of our family. They are all immensely spoiled. We are a very small scale breeder and strive to stay that way.

I am always here to talk Bulldogs, so if you have a question...just ask.

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